Flag of Guyana

Topographical Map of Guyana 



Guyana is a water-rich country, with lots of rivers whose waters flow in from the Atlantic Ocean. If you look at the topographical map above, you can see that the major rivers of Guyana flow in from the northern part of the country (due to the land opening located at the north of Guyana, on the left of Georgetown.) The major rivers of Guyana are Cuyun River, Mazaruni River, Essequibo River, New River, and the Courantyne River. Of course, these are not the only rivers in Guyana. There are also lots of small rivers located in the western part of Guyana.


One might not imagine Guyana as a country with mountains in it due to its size. But Guyana has one of the world's most unique mountains within this country. The highest mountain in Guyana is Mount Roraima. This mountain received its name the "Guyana Shield" because it shields the part of Guyana located behind it from Brazil and Venezuela. Mt. Roraima is 2835m high, make it the highest point in Guyana. Other mountains in Guyana include Shiriri Mountain, Surabaru Mountain, Tabru Mountain, and many more. 
Mount Roraima.


Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean at 0m
Highest point: Mount Roraima at 2,835m


As said before, Guyana is a water-rich country with lots of bodies of water located in this country. Major lakes of Guyana are Lago de Forno, Lake Amuku, Lamparina Lake, Lukunanikabra Lake, and many more. Most of these lakes are located at a high elevation, like, for example, Lago de Forno is located at an elevation of 369 ft.

Major Exports

The major exports of Guyana are sugar, gold, bauxite, alumina, rice, shrimp, molasses, rum, and timber.


The population of Guyana is 772,298.


Because only a small part of the Amazon rain forest  is located in Guyana, so rain forest animals could be seen walking within the forests of Guyana. Rain forest animals such as parrots, monkeys, sloths, many insects, snakes, jaguars, and many other animals. Guyana is most known for their beautiful parrots and jaguars that roam within the Guyanese forests.   

Major cities

The major cities of Guyana are Bartica, Corriverton, Linden, Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Rosignol, and Skeldon. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana and has a population of 60,731 people, making it the largest city in Guyana. New Amsterdam is also among Guyana's most important cities because it attracts lots of tourists and is holds the rich history of Guyana. Even though these cities aren't so big, they are very beautiful and full of Guyanese history.